Write Retreat UK was a perfect and much needed re-set opportunity for me.  A job change followed by increased workload during Covid19 Pandemic led to me letting my writing slip so far down the priority list that it felt almost impossible to start again.  The space and atmosphere curated by Nancy provided a peaceful environment for relaxation, reflection and writing. From the moment of arrival the retreat struck a perfect balance of warmth, invitation, comfort and expectation so that it was a productive break from the daily grind.  Nancy created and held space within which it felt both essential and pleasant to deliver upon the objectives I had set in advance.  I could not have anticipated getting so much done in a few days, never mind that I would do so while having great meals served on every break, beach walks and plenty of sleep.  I have been on many retreats over the years and although drawn to the website description, I was doubtful that the combination of retreat-tranquility and academic writing was possible.  Its a few weeks since I attended but I am still feeling the benefits and keeping up the writing productivity.  This was a very lucky find for me and I will definitely be back for an annual refreshing of/sustenance for the good habits. (Audrey, Lecturer/Teacher Educator Ireland).

Such an excellent writing retreat. Nancy provided a collaborative environment and was a fantastic host. The space enabled us to concentrate on writing, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. With days topped off with glorious walks along the beach and delicious food.  (Sophie, Lecturer and Researcher).

“I found The Write Retreat to be a hugely productive and very pleasant environment in which to write. Nancy is an outstanding host: very friendly, expert at encouraging researchers to set achievable goals for each writing session, and highly skilled in facilitating stimulating chat during the breaks, thus allowing for good reflection on what had just been produced. At least as importantly, she is also an excellent cook! (Kevin, Senior Lecturer and Researcher).

I have just come back from Nancy’s writing retreat in Frinton and feel elevated from the three days I’ve spent in this lovely house and town by the beach. The fresh sea air and walks on the beach have definitely helped clear my mind to be able to write. Nancy was a fantastic host and facilitator for writing, dividing each day into 4, 1.5 hour of writing and separated by coffee breaks, walks and lunch. This semi structured way of organising the retreat suited me perfectly and Nancy adapts well to our writing practice. I have achieved most of my objectives in coming to the retreat, namely to start a paper, and feel energised to finish it in the next couple of weeks. It’s been lovely and would highly recommend the retreat to anyone needing a break from writing at home, stuffy libraries or at work, or just to have a lovely chat with Nancy by the sea or in the sunroom in her garden! (Clara, Senior Lecturer and Researcher).

“The retreat was fantastic, Nancy put so much effort into looking after us and creating a relaxed but focused atmosphere. It was the perfect place to work and as a consequence I had a really productive week. On top of the writing, the food was fantastic and a walk on the beach was the perfect way to regroup after a day of writing. (Sam, Lecturer and Researcher).

The space Nancy provides is really great I stayed at Write Retreat UK to come up with a first draft of a journal article. Not only did I achieve what I’d hoped for, but I came away feeling refreshed and re-energized, having had a really wonderful experience. Nancy has created a beautiful and peaceful environment in which to write and found it easy to concentrate on my work. Setting aside the time to focus on one task, away from the constant distraction of email and internet, was a refreshing and liberating experience, and I took away lessons about my own working practices which I think will improve the way I work. As an academic aiming to publish my first journal article, I also found Nancy’s experiences and insights into publishing extremely valuable. 

Nancy is a lovely host, good fun and very easy to get along with, though also very conscious of giving you the space and time in which to write. She provided us with delicious and often locally-sourced food, and we spent our evenings taking a stroll, eating together, relaxing and chatting. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Write Retreat UK to anybody who is looking to work on a piece of writing, whether singly or collaboratively, and feel that the time spent there has been a truly worthwhile in both a professional and a personal sense” (Penny, PhD Student).

“I enjoyed this writing retreat and would wholeheartedly recommend that experience to anyone who is looking for a quiet, focused, carefully planned and a well balanced retreat. Individual sessions as well as group discussion sessions on how to write, delicious and mouth-watering dishes, walks along the sandy beach complimented each other so well and provided a great experience for me” (Fatemeh, PhD student).

“I am a person who enjoys constantly finding inspiration in new workspaces. Nevertheless, until staying at Write Retreat UK, I had under-estimated the value of detaching yourself from the quotidian and fully immersing yourself in your work, for a couple of days.  Throughout my stay, I was able to both fully concentrate on the work I had set out to do, as well as relax and have a very good night’s rest. Importantly, I realized how much you can achieve, in just a few days, without the distractions of daily life – a lesson which I will take to London in the hope that it will improve my current working practices.

 Nancy was a wonderful host who ensured that we were comfortable at all times, and who helped facilitate group discussions centered on academic writing. She also reviewed a piece of my work and gave me feedback on my writing style, as well as valuable insights into publishing. Both from a personal and professional point of view, the chance to get to know and spend time with fellow academics, some much more experienced than myself, was very enriching” (Sabina, PhD Student).

“I had the pleasure of staying at Write Retreat in the late summer of 2018. The three days were spent working with an early career researcher on developing several publications.  Nancy has created a very welcoming house which is large enough to have privacy to work while also providing very useful common areas to share ideas and work together.  I hope to be back next year” (Adam, Senior, Lecturer and Researcher).